Hi Keely,
I am so sorry that I haven't e-mailed before this.  You have given us such a great gift.  Someone asked me what difference having Harley made to our household and I told them he has brought our family back out in the living room together, instead of everyone going about their own business.  Harley is very smart he is completely litter box trained although he does his business outside when we walk or play in the yard.  He loves his leash, tail wags so hard when we get it out of the closet.  He is very good with my children-went through a nipping stage with them but with short periods of ignoring him when he nipped he quickly stopped. He did the same with chewing and scratching on his bathroom wall but stopped after learning that "mommy and daddy don't care for that.  It's like he lives to please us!!!Our cat Smokey and him get along pretty well, she just baps him (he's declawed on front paws) when she has had enough; they have kind of a Garfield and Odie relationship.  We have never crated him, he has his own room-the kid's bathroom which has ceramic tile-his litter box is in the closet, bed in one corner, and food and water in another, and all the toys a pup could ever want. We keep a baby gate up at night and when we are gone. He falls asleep about 9:00 pm every night in the lap of the lucky person who is sitting in the living room chair and about 11:00 I carry him to his room put him in his bed and cover him up with a small towel ( everyone laughs when I tell about his blankey).  He learned how to fetch and sit, each taking only a day. He doesn't care to be outside when it is to cold (makes the litter box idea work well for everyone).  My vet adores him,  he has had two episodes of tummy problems, one of which was on the friday before X-mas and the vet took time out on X-mas day to call and make sure he was doing well.  We have switched his food to Natural Balance Venison and Brown Rice formula and hope this cures his tummy problems otherwise my vet want to put him on precription stuff.  We started the Venison stuff last week I really hope it works.  Anyway I have gone on long enough, Can you tell how much I love him(we all do)!!!!! He is so beautiful, I wish I had better computer/digital camera skills as we have some very cute pics. If you want I could send you some hardcopy pics just e-mail me your address.  If you ever need a reference just let us know.  I hope someday we will be looking for a brother or sister for Harley, I'm already thinking of a tri-color. Ha Ha
Thanks again
Terri, Dennis, Jonah, Chloe, Smokey and Harley Rutgers
If you would like to have your experience posted please feel free to send it to me.
            Here is a picture of our baby girl Eva. AS you know she turned one in Oct. All I can say is what a wonderful dog! She is the best dog I have ever had or been around in my life. She is my best friend and is a very important part of our family. In the photo she is sitting on our Boston Terrier, Winston, because if the camera comes out she wants to be the center of attention. Her and Winston are great playmates, share the same bowl and bed! Eva is great with all the neighbor kids and even newborns. Everyone that meets her comment on how well mannered and beautiful she is. Thanks for producing such great dogs and once again, we are very pleased to have one of yours. 
            Benjamin M Redman

Hi Keely, its Luke from Michigan. I bought the male brindle from you last December.  He's doing great. Eleven months old and 74 pounds.  I thought I would send you a few pics of Gunner. He is such a great dog and I am very pleased with him. I couldn't have asked for a better pup .
Thanks Again Lucas
Dear Keely,
     I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that "Mara" is doing great!  She is growing so fast!  Mara is on the raw meaty bone diet and seems to be doing very well with it.  She loves to sleep in the rocking chair and thinks that she is a lap dog!  Mara plays with Thomas, our cat and loves to play with the children.  She is almost completely house broken and is learning commands very quickly.  Keely, I just wanted to say, "Thank You" once again.  We sure do love Mara!  Hope all is well with you, take care,
Hi Keely,
I thought I'd send you some pictures of the pups so you can see how they've grown.  Roxy is just the sweetest dog ever!  She's completely potty trained and she has the best temperment.  She loves meeting new people and dogs and everyone who sees her always compliments on how pretty of a dog she is.
  My brother brought his Italian greyhound, Lucy, over yesterday and both pups were going nuts.  Lucy is a little too skittish though to play with them unfortunately.
Well I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!

Hi Keeley,
We are adjusting to our new lives together and doing well.  Our boy is so sweet.  You did a really nice job of socializing him.  We love him dearly!  Potty training is going very well.  He has lots of toys to play with (besides us) and lots of new exploring adventures.
Taras is the name that fits our new boy.  It means "mountain" although he is a ball of energy before and after his naps. 
Taras was checked by our vet Friday afternoon and pronounced very healthy.  We have our next appointment in 2 weeks for vaccination updates.
Thank you again for a wonderful companion.
Cindy and Ted Graff
and Taras

I just want to let you know that we named the puppy Brita.  The first week she cried....a lot.....day and night....we survived---so did she!!!  About 10 days after we got her she started having loose stools --I blamed it onto the change in food...potty training was almost impossible...she would go outside, but also in her kennel, no matter how often we took her out...then she became very ill...her stools were like water,....I took her to the vet and after a few tests, and alot of questions, she finally figured out she was being poisoned by one of our plants.  She would bite at it only once in a while..we didn't know it was poisonous.  Brita is back to her spunky self---and once she was well,  she was housetrained in a couple of days!  --of course she doesn't get the run of the house and goes in her crate when we can't watch her.  She has lots of toys and really loves a bunny that squeeks...she pounces on it like a cat.  Our other dog is getting used to her--she antagonizes Brita by running past her...she knows Brita can't catch her because  she is on a 6 foot leash!!  Thank you for being particular about your breeding program...Brita is a wonderful pet and we will enjoy her for years to come...she has a forever home here!!!!   Gail Lee, Pipestone, MN
The plant is called a Mother-in-laws-tongue...Gail
Hi Keely,
Kris and I have been enjoying our time with Baxter immensely. We took him on a park outing recently and got some good pictures which I attach to this email.  I have a question also.  Kris and I are flying to Indiana next weekend 10/26 (thus night to sunday) and Baxter is not quite old enough to get shots and travel, his records indicate his next set of shots are due on 10/30/06.  We really hate to leave him alone this early on and am concerned about giving him the necessary shots too early as he is still a little guy.  So, I wanted to ask if you could board him (for a fee of course) with his old boxer puppy friends for the weekend and then we could also have you give him the shots on Sunday, which we will of course pay for also.   I wouldn't  ask once he has his shots and can fly with us and/or be kennelled at a regular kennel but was wondering if that is something you could help us with,  If not, of course I understand.  By the way, he is very playful and fun and seems very smart.  I work from home so we have set up a routine where he naps on my lap while I'm working and has "crazy puppy time" racing around the house in between.  Thanks for giving him to us,

Kara (and Kris)
Hi Keely,
 My boyfriend and I purchased a Ruby male from you back in October, Baxter.  He has been such a great addition to our house, I can't imagine it without him.  Anyway, I just thought I would say hi and let you know he is doing very well and send a few pictures of him.

Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that Parker is great!  He went to the vet and is in tip top shap and weighs 13.1 lbs.  He has had us laughing at his antics constantly.  I have some funny video's but don't think they will attach to the email because of size.  But here is the link for it. http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c332/sueallen/?action=view&current=DSCN0945-1.flv   and another one as you can see he is having fun with Lola  http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c332/sueallen/?action=view&current=LPchase11.flv
  We couldn't be happier with the little guy.
 Thank you so much!
 Sue, Dan, Lola and Parker the Pistol
Parker is the most wonderful puppy, we just love him to pieces.  Although my yard isn't too fond of his digging and chewing on plants LOL.

ClHi Keely, I hope your visit to the city was fun. We had a great time with Jorge-Bell. Thats what we will register her as, it keeps a bit of Annabell but with what we feel her personality brings. She is the greatest puppy either of us has ever seen. There wasn't a wimper on the way home and no accidents in the house. WOW.......
Her big adopted sister, our 13 year old english springer is slowly coming to grips with this new invasion on her house. As i type theis the 2 pups and janice are cuddling up on the couch for the first time. It's a slow process of accaptance but Hayden is coming around.
Russ chop

Merry Christmas Keely, from a very happy boxer family!
Casey is getting HUGE, and he’s very happy…we’re spoiling him rotten.  He’s a great dog, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.
Thank you!

 Dear Keely,
     We are enjoying Emma Lou. She has been a great addition to our family. 
She is great with the kids and my husband. Eric takes the girls outside an 
she doesn't even think twice of getting on the elevator with him. Sorry we 
have not written sooner. It has been busy around here. Emma is getting good 
with er potty training. We could not have found a better breader. Emma is 
truly a blessing to all of us. Thank you so much for letting emma join our 
    Ryan Denekamp

I just wanted to send you a picture of george (jamie)!  He is 24 pounds now, he is doing great.  Housebreaking is for the most part ok.  He is great with the crate, did you have him crate trained, he has not had one accident in the crate (knock on wood!)?

 Hello Keely,

Hope you survived all of the snow we had.  Delilah had lots of fun playing in it and finding her soccer ball after every snow fall for those few days when it just keep coming down.
   We have been doing our research on when to spay Boxers and are looking at doing it at 10 months, which would put it at the end of April.  I know you had ask to wait until she was a year but we are very leery of having to deal with a heat cycle which then can increase the cause of cancer in the dog.  Our Vet asked us to do it at 6mo. so we going in the middle.
  Jon finally got around to taking some more pictures of Delilah so I thought I would pass a few on.  She was enjoying the sun so she actually sat still for the pictures.
Take care,
Andrea Wollak
Hi Keely,

I adopted Izzy from you last December.  Her name is now Acacia. (A-kay-sha)  I just wanted to say thank you!  She is the most wonderful puppy.  I get compliments everywhere we go that she is the most beautiful and well-bred boxer they have seen!   She is funny, loving, and a great big ball of engery!  I have attached some recent photos.  The first two were taken at christmas and the last three are from this weekend.  The dark brindle is her new brother I adopted from a rescue in North Carolina.

Thanks again!

~Kelly and Acacia

Our first week with Bella ( the girls renamed her - I am italian and our family has traveled to Italy four times,  so she now has an italian name) Has been wonderful! She is the sweetest puppy. I think I may love her even more than the girls. 
Oh my goodness - she is absolutely the sweetest, cutest creature. The weekend was wonderful beyond words, for our entire family! Linda

Hey Keely,
I just wanted to forward you some recent pics of Keely (our boxer) I had her at  
work with me. She is the best thing ever!! very playful, sweet as can  
be and full of lots of love!!! Thought you would love to see her.
Mary and Mike Burger
Hey Keely,

Finn is SUCH a doll. Thank you so much! He took a liking to us rather quickly and is having a blast sniffing through the house. There was another family waiting to pick up their puppy as well, so it was an exciting moment for the whole crew at SWA. Can't wait until he gets all his puppy shots so we can take him to the puppy park. <3 You are an awesome lady, and you breeding these animals is amazing.

Whoever said you can't buy love has never owned a puppy!

Melinda Roberts

Dear Keely,
Just thought I would drop you a note and let you know that Parker has got to be the funniest guy around  Here are a couple of pictures of his latest fun.  The hole is where my junior landscaper didn't like where the bush was and removed it, thought it looked better elsewhere after some pruning.  Then decided to make a bigger hole in the soaker hose.  Hence giving him a perfect play spot.  The last two are the results of said play.
He now weighs in at 65 lbs and there isn't an ounce of fat on him.  He is constantly go go go!  He went to his first pet fair on Saturday and got lots of compliments.
Thanks for the great pup!
Sue, Dan, Lola and Parker

Hi Keely!  I am sooo sorry it has taken so long for me to write.  My boyfriend purchased Keane from you last year (he was born April 11th 2006).  I am going to get the pics of him to you hopefully tonite yet.  The pictures were taken this morning so you have the most up to date photos of him.  
 He is a sweetheart and is loved very very much!  
 Thank you.
 Leslea Zellner

Hi Keely,

Scott and I wanted to thank you again for "Tootsie"(a.k.a., "Tawny" from the March 9 litter of Chief andPersija).  She is now 11 1/2 weeks old!  She has been such a good puppy for us and she was very well socialized when we got her.  She has been really good with house training, sleeping through the night and going on walks.  In fact, we took her on some small hikes on Barn's Bluff in Red Wing and Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis over the weekend ... she loved meeting all of the different people, kids and dogs.  She tends to chew a bit when she is sleepy, but it gets better each day.  In fact, she begins Puppy Class on June 10,so that should also help.  I attached some pictures of her at 11 weeks old and some pictures of her at 9 weeks old with our friends' older Boxer.

Her affectionate and energetic personality has been so
much fun.  Thanks again, Keely!

Scott and Heidi
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Hey Keeley,

Here are pictures of Finn that I took today. He's 5 months and 1 week as of yesterday. Isn't he a doll? I just love this little guy. Hope you like the pictures. He's playing with his octopus. :)

Melinda Roberts

Hi Keely,

Boo (Frost from 7/4/07 litter) has successfully completed his first puppy class 
with a second to start in a couple of weeks.  He was, of course, the smartest in 
his class!!

He has been such a sweetheart since we got him; just a real joy to have in our 
family.  When we got him he was all white with crystal blue eyes, well...we now 
have a Dalmation wanna-be with one blue eye and one eye that is 1/2 blue, 1/2 
brown.  His freckles multiply and get bigger overnight!  I know that he's going 
to be a very handsome man when he grows up.

I have a feeling that you'll be hearing from us in the future, inquiring about 
another to add to our family (hubby just hasn't come to terms with this fact 
yet!).  Until then, I'll keep in touch!
Thank you,
Buffy, Joel, and family

Hi Keely,

I just wanted to send you an update on Acacia.  She turned 1 on October 4th and we had her birthday party.  She is absotuely wonderful.  She has the best temperment and loves anyone and everyone she meets.  She loves to play with other dogs and can't wait to go to the dog park or day care to play!

She has a stuborn streak a mile wide and has a very independant personality, which can be quite funny at times.  She also loves to play soccer or football.  

Attached are some recent pictures.  I hope you enjoy.

Thanks so much!

Kelly, Acacia and Zik


I’ve been wanting to send an update on our newest fireball but he’s really been keeping us busy.  I’m attaching pictures from the day we arrived back in Nebraska (the email attachment) and three that are a week or two old.  He’s growing like a weed and the doctor’s are very happy with his health.  He’s brought a lot of laughter and energy to our home and our 9yr old Max is thriving as a mentor.  Jake absolutely adores Max and everyone in our neighborhood knows Jake.  

 His coloring is beautiful, his personality is extremely defined and he’s quite the social puppy.  There isn’t anything he isn’t afraid of.  We should be graduating from puppy class on Monday and will continue on to work for our Canine Good Citizen certificate.  I can’t wait until he graduates to agilty, he will be so good at it.  He’s been able to do sit, down, and crawl since about October and we are getting better at stay, stop, walk, look (because his attention is easily diverted), shake, and rollover.  He struggles with the crate still but I think mostly that’s because he wants to be let out and play with Max.

Thank you for breeding such a quality dog.  I can tell as he grows out of the toddler years that he will be fantastic for our family and it will be exciting as we grow together.
Enjoy the pictures and thank you!!
The Andersen’s

Lincoln NE
Hi Keely, I just wanted to say that Kona is one of the most beautiful boxers I have ever seen and he gets looks and attracts people like crazy. I had an A.K.C. handler come up to me and tell me he would train & show Kona next year for me and he said he would most likely win the working class, he said his look is stunning & unique for a brindle, with all the requirements of an a.k.c. champion brindle. I was pretty impressed to hear him say that. He has absolutely flurished on the raw food diet he has been on since age 10 weeks. and is Super smart and attending classes for 7 months. He sits, stays and lies down with the voice commands or simply a different hand single for each with nothing spoken. He definately took after his grandpa,(Harley), and formed some absolutely stunning markings. Anyway, thanks for raising such a pristine bloodline and putting the care that you do. Until next time..........Shaun Lambert

Hi Keely
Thought you might like to see Parker's Christmas pictures.  I can't tell you how much joy Parker has brought to our home.  He has been the best puppy, not destroying anything in the house.  He is my miracle boxer, we haven't had him in a crate since he came home, of course someone is home most of the time.  He loves the outside and will dig a hole here and there but that is nothing compared to the furniture my other boxers have customized.
Happy Holidays to you and you're family!
Sue, Dan, Lola and Parker

Hi Keely, Just wanted to let you know that everything went well picking up Martini from the airport. She was so scared to come out of the crate initially, but
warmed up to us really quick. I can't believe she has been sleeping through the night!! She goes to bed at 9:30-10:00 and wakes up between 5:00-6:00. No one
believes me. Maybe it will change but we are enjoying that so far. You got great comments from the vet. She was so impressed with Martini. Thanks again for a
beautful puppy. She has been a lot of fun this week.
Thanks Kristen and Matt

Hi Keely
I just wanted to drop you an e-mail to keep you posted on the puppy. She is doing great and I love her so much! Her name is Scooter ... we feel that she lives up to her name very well!! She is so curious and fun. She just had her third set of shots yesterday and tolerated it very well. As of yesterday she is 4.8 pounds :) We're still working on potty - training .... she has a few accidents every now and then , but for the most part she's doing really well with it. I have her using a indoor potty pad form petsmart and it's working great. I'll eventually work her into going outside, but its been so cold lately that she 's only going outside a handfull of times. Shes so smart ... she already knows sit, stay, and laydown. I'm so amazed at how fast she catches on!  She absoulutly loves Titan, our yellow lab. They get along great and they like to share toys as well.
I'll keep you updated!!

Hey Keely,
              I just wanted to update you and let you know my puppy, Coco, is doing great!  She's doing pretty well on the potty training and I haven't had any problems with her what so ever.  She is full of energy and a great sleeper.  I appreciate everything you've done.  Thanks.

Hi Keely,
   We took Duncan to our veterinarian today, just for
a check-up. (shots will be next week)   He did a very
thorough exam, and he proclaimed Duncan to be VERY
good looking, and VERY healthy in every way.  Yippee!!
Obviously, he is very well-bred !!!!
-Mary Ellen

Hi Keely,
   Just a note to tell you that everything is going
very well with Duncan!
He goes into his crate very easily with no fuss, and
we have him on a good potty schedule so there are
hardly any accidents.  Everyone that meets him thinks
he is adorable, and  of course Joe and I think that he
is the cutest puppy in the world !  You sure were
right about him loving to play, play, play... he's so
funny to watch.  
-Mary Ellen
ps. I've attached some pictures of Duncan in his new home!

Keely, I purchased a boxer puppy from you last year and have enjoyed her so much. She is awesome with my kids and is a great family dog. Recently my mother had expressed interest in a Cavalier puppy and I was looking to get her one around Christmas time. Are you planning any litters around that time?

Erik Gilder

Lucy is amazing. She has a very sweet playful personality and is already housebreking pretty rapidly.
She sleeps for about 6 or 7 hours at night before crying.
We LOVE her!

Hi Keely!
Lucy is doing so well. She is so healthy and spunky.
She had her last round of shots yesterday and was 5 lbs 11oz.
She really loves our home and her new doggie brother and sister
and of course our kids!
Thanks for a great pet!
Attached is a picture taken today!
Hope all is well.  We are really enjoying Charley (Huggins).  He had his first puppy kindergarten class.  He was socializing with all the animals and wrestled intensively with a couple of much larger huskies.  You did a great job socializing him.  The whole class loved him.  Thanks for raising such great pets.

Hi Keely, Just wanted to drop a note saying hi and things are going very well here with Martini. She was born back on 9/25. She has been the greatest puppy. I still can't believe how easily she potty trained. She loves her little crate still. We just went to the vet for our heart worm check and she weighed 10lbs 7oz!!! It's crazy how much she has grown. She has not had any problems at all....except wanting to shred toilet paper all the time. We have finally be able to go out more to the area parks and run around she whines now to go outside she loves it! Here are a couple new pictures.

Kristen Huber

Hi Keely,
I wanted to thank you for meeting Ian at the airport last week and for raising such a beautiful, healthy puppy. "Pearl" now named Sadie, is absolutely adorable and is adjusting nicely to her new home in Boston.  She is very affectionate and playful and is pretty much everything we had hoped for.  We've received numerous positive compliments on her appearance and clown-like personality.  She's great. We are very thankful for her.  I've attached some pictures for you.  

 Thank you again. Take care and we promise to keep in touch. 


Catherine and Ian 


Dear Keely,
I bought a puppy from you last july, my name christie stoll.  I had the white boxer lily with me and we live near mora.  Well you helped me pick out the fawn with the black face you called her aster. We call her daisy.  She is a ray of sunshine with a extra long tongue, it sticks out when she sleeps! We laugh a lot having her with us. She is so beautiful her figure is perfect. we are so impressed with her thank you so much. Keep up the wonderful boxers. 

Hi Keely,
Kyra and I wanted to send along a few pics of Wookie (aka 'Bit'), who is now close to 2 yrs old. We've both had family dogs our whole lives, and can honestly say that Wookie is the smartest, friendliest and just downright funniest we've ever had. We're so happy we chose Ballyhara Boxer when we decided we wanted a boxer puppy. 
From day 1, Wookie has been attentive, playful and absolutely awesome, not only with us, but also our little nieces and nephews, who range from 2-6. The 2 year old has a habit of grabbing Wookie's tail, who will just walk slowly with her hanging on. Funny stuff. Not to mention, we get stopped by everyone when we go for a walk because they want to look at that boxer mug!
Thanks for everything, and we will definitely recommend Ballyhara to those interested in a new puppy - maybe even a second one for us!
Dave and Kyra Quam
St Louis Park MN

Thanks Keely! That definitely helps. 
Sadie is doing great. She's extremely loving and ALWAYS wants to be with us. She's already sleeping through most nights and has adapted to her crate well.  She absolutely loves people and other dogs and is starting to get the hang of walking on a leash.  Although her bulldog stubborness is definitely starting to show :)  We love her and are constantly receiving compliments on how beautiful her coat and overall face/body look. 
Take care and I'll be in touch in the future with more updates. I saw that you have another litter coming up. Best of luck! 


I've been meaning to write to you for a while now to tell you about Charlotte, I can't believe how fast the time has slipped by.
Charlotte has taken Madison by storm!!!  She is simply the most delightful, charming little dog I have ever met.  She loves everyone and everyone loves her.  She is a favorite at her puppy daycare.  She goes there part-time and just loves it.  The bigger the dog, the more she likes them.  She knows no fear.  She just graduated from her first puppy class, with honors!!  We will start the beginner class in Sept.  I have a waiting list of more that 50 people who have requested to have her if I ever decide to give her up.  Of course that will never happen.  My kitties are getting closer to her every day.  She likes to chase them, mostly to play with them.  I think she thinks they're dogs like the ones at her daycare.
I love this little dog more and more every day.  She is extremely smart and learns things easily.  Thank you so much for letting me have her.  She has brightened my life in so many ways.  
I hope all is well.  Have a great Fall.
Liz Morrison
For Jimmy, the best Dachshund that ever lived.

Hi Keely -
Well it hasn't even been a week and "Fletcher" and I are adjusting very well....he is finally starting to get the potty training idea, and is also starting to sleep in a crate with out whining himself to sleep evrytime. I' ve attached a picture for you.... and as you predicted he loves his Nyla bones to chew on.
Anyhow, thanks for everything and I couldn't be happier with Fletcher!
John Viken

 This is Rachel Grischke's sister, I just wanted to send you an email with a photo updating you on the puppy she bought from you earlier this year. She has changed his name to Hugo, and everyone has fallen in love with him. In about a year, I am planning on coming back to buy a puppy from you as well. Hopefully out of Isa, as I love the coloring, and Rachel says hugo can be the only cream in the family! I would buy that male you have now, but its just not right timing for me, as im moving to colorado in January. Once settled, i would love to start planning the new addition! 
Thank you for bringing our family Hugo! I will be keeping in touch! 
Ps. had to send you the photo from this last weekend.

Hi Keely, I just wanted to send you a picture of elizabeth. Since she is turing one soon. And I wanted to say thank you. She is the best dog ever. 
Thank you,
                Jacqelynn greeley

Hello . . . just wanted to touch base and tell you how much we love our boxers!!  We couldn’t ask for better dogs for us and our family!  We had some portraits taken of our family and of course the boxers too!  Enjoy!


As I am sure you remember Ozzy is out of Paris and Chief and Jayden (Victory) is out of Tiffany and Romeo!!


Sarah Wang

I have written you a couple of time but I’m not sure you rec’d them.  We just love our Bella.  She is such a special member of our family.  The best thing I have ever done for my children was to give them Bella.  She is doing great and is such a happy, easy dog.  I’ve attached a couple of photos for you.  
Thank you so much for doing such a great job of breeding her.  
Happy Holidays,
Kris Flabiano
Dallas, TX
Cavachon Puppy!

Hi Keely!
 Just wanted to let you know that we are still very much enjoying "Boop".  She is 7 months old now and has now been renamed "Minnie" by our 3 year old daughter.  They are the best of friends and they fight with each other like they are sisters!  Minnie learns so quick, she is now bell trained to tell us she has to go outside.  You predicted well, Minnie is so smart....too smart sometimes....but no matter what she gets into we still love her.  I also wanted to let you know that her vet was very impressed at how well you took care of her when she was a puppy.  They were so surprised, yet happy to see how well their vaccinations and de-worming we taken care of and documented.  I attached a picture of her and her famous face that every body just loves!  Many people have asked where we got her and we definitely refer them to you!
 Also, I was wondering if by chance you still had a copy of the picture of "Boop"
 that was posted on the website when she was a puppy?  
I just loved that picture and would love to get a copy if  possible?  
 Thanks again!
Maria, Mario, Kayla and Minnie

Hi Keely,
I just wanted to send you pictures of our adorable Cavachon Charlie we purchased from you about a year ago. He is the PERFECT dog, and we couldn’t be happier with him.  He maxed out at 12 pounds and is NON- SHEDDING, my house is fur free, and it’s a miracle!  His coat is soft, wavy, and lush, people always comment on how soft he is.

Charlie’s temperament is absolutely wonderful, He is friendly, outgoing and happy. He can run and play with my active five year old for hours or he can just relax at work or at home with me.  He’s energetic, but never hyper or yappy. He was easy to train and continues to be eager to please us.  We can’t thank you enough for our fabulous dog, we just love him.

P.S. You where right, both male and female dogs are great. 



The Davis Family 

 Hey keely, here are some pictures of bentley that i wanted to share with you. She is about 6 months old now and is doing great here in kentucky. She is almost done with puppy college at pet smart and she is the smartest dog in her class. She knows how to sit, lay, fetch, drop, leave it and many more things. Im so glad i found her she is so much fun and everyone wants to take her home when they meet her. Well just keeping in touch and i will send pictures as she gets older so take care and good luck with your future litters..  Ben Clark

Hi Keely,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much we are enjoying Sami, we call him Ajax now.  He had a vet check and our vet said he was a very healthy and in really good condition.  In fact, she said he has the cleanest ears she has ever seen in a puppy.  She was very impressed.  Brutus took a couple of days to warm up to him, but now they get along fabulously.  They are so cute together.  Thanks so much for giving us such great companions.  They provide us with such joy.  Thanks again. 

Mark & Jean Boggs  

Hi Keely, 
I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to send you an email to say hello and to give you an update on how Sadie is doing. She is absolutely wonderful and we love love love her. She's approaching her one year birthday :) and is nearly 19 lbs. I think the last time we weighed her she was 18.6. I've attached some pictures for you to see how much she has grown. 
Ian and I have already started talking about getting Sadie a bother or sister and would love to work with you in the future if it works out. It probably won't be this year but please keep us in the loop if you do plan on breeding again early next year. I'll try to keep checking your site for updates. 
Cat & Ian 
Hi Keely, 

I just wanted to give you a quick update on the cuties!  Riley and Sadie (formerly Otis and Fern) are wonderful. Riley is 5 months tomorrow and Sadie is a little over 4.  
We just love them to pieces!  They are still tiny in comparison to many Cavachons and they actually had a little playdate today with a one year old Cavachon who was at least 20 pounds.  
Their personalities are SO different.  Riley (Otis) is such a little love bug.  He is an absolute joy, so smart, quiet, playful and really adores people.  He's amazing!  I could not imagine not having him!  Sadie is a typical "girl"...she's so cute, loud and a little hand shy still.  She is VERY attached to Riley.  I'm really glad we got both, they just are so cute when they curl up to sleep, they keep each other occupied and they are not playing as rough as they used to.  Don't worry, they are getting neutered/spayed on April 1.  
I attached some pictures that we took yesterday.  Riley is more Cavalier in the face and Sadie is more Bichon but they are look almost identical from the back.
Thank you for everything!  
Lori Giampietro

Hi Keely,
You may or may not remember us. We met in October and handed the puppy off in the parking lot @ Galyan's on 494.  My son (who had the car accident injury) and I were involved in the purchase. You had your kids with you in the car.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much we LOVE our guy!  He is just perfect. At almost 6 months, we are well on our way to having him completely integrated into our life. Our female lab adjusted after having to have an attitude adjustment, but that too is okay now. Cannot tell you how much we love him!
Thanks so much! We are happy with our choice!!! He's the best.
Alice Reimann

Hi Keely -
My name is Dana Aschoff and we adopted a Cavachon puppy from you in March of 2010. We have not written to you yet but we want you to know how immensely happy our family is with Bixby in our lives. He is an AMAZING, LOVING, and FANTASTIC dog - just what our family of five needed in our lives! He is so wonderful with our children - ages 9, 5, and 3. We absolutely ADORE him and look forward to loving him for a long, long time.
I am writing you to -- a) thank you for the the wonderful puppy and b) to inquire about future litters. Our family would love to add another dog to our mix in the next 12 months. Bixby is an apricot cavachon and we think it would be fun to have a black/white or brown/white playmate. Similar but different. Bixby is a male and has grown to be a healthy 21 pounds. We would love another male that is not a runt of the litter as well.
Just planting the seed for future communications.
I've attached photos of Bixby as a puppy and as an adult that you can include with any of my comments above.
All the best,
Dana Aschoff

Hi Keely,
We have meant to sent pictures for awhile,but time always gets the best of us, so here is a picture of Huey (Winston).  He is doing wonderfully!  He adjusted well, and even slept through the night the first night home.  He is potty trained, and is ringing his bell, and happy as could be.  We love him so much, and he has brought us much joy.  He is very loving and affectionate, wants to be with us always, and as you put it "such a doll."  He is still carrying sticks around the backyard! (And socks and shoes around the house...)  He loves to be around our niece and nephew as well as Angie's parents and our friends.  He is so outgoing and congenial - he wants to meet everyone and every dog when we walk or visit, and will happily let anyone rub his tummy!  He is about 15 lb now at 5 1/2 months and as healthy and energetic as could be.  He loves to ride in the car and boat, and even got brave and tried swimming at our family reunion in August. He even loves the vet, and is adored by everyone there.
Thank you for bringing him into our lives and family.
Dave and Angie Salo

Hi Keely,                                                CAVACHON PUPPY

I hope this email finds you well.  I wanted to write and let you know  
how much I am enjoying Phoebe.  She is an absolute doll and so smart!   
She's sweet and cuddly but also fun and full of energy.  She brings  
such joy to my life as well as her both her Grandmas, Grandpas and  
cousin.  She is a real people lover and so friendly. My nieces,  
nephews and and parents love visiting with her because she's so much  
fun!  I have attached some pictures for you to see how big she has  
grown.  I can't believe I've only had her for 6 weeks now because it's  
like she's always been here she's loved so much!  Thank you for such  
an amazing, loving little girl!

Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Maureen Hines

Hi Keely,
Just a quick note to say that Sugar and Spice ARE everything nice!  They have adjusted very quickly and are already such a special part of our family! Other than the first night Sugar and Spice got home they have NEVER gotten up in the middle of the night!!  I will send more photos, but want you to know that they are such angels!
Thanks for everything,
Jenna (and the Askew Family)

Hi Keely,

I had a friend asking for breeder referrals so I gave her your name/website.  I went back to your website and saw all of your puppies and dogs.  That made me realize I had never sent you a picture of Tess (Lola -- your name) after she grew out of puppy-hood.    She is a bit overdue for a grooming -- she goes in this Friday. If I remember, I will send you a picture of her all spruced up.

She is adorable and we all love her.  Her temperment is perfect for us -- happy, playful and always ready to play and cuddle.  She is also great with other dogs of all sizes.  She is so happy in the company of her two "cousins," two big golden retrievers who live not too far away, or her "boyfriend" Reese, a terrier who lives two doors down.  But she is truly happiest when she is cuddled on the couch or the bed with one of us.  She has brought us all great joy... thank you.

Gretchen Pathak

It might be nice to see how much she has changed since she was a puppy.  She had so much more black on  her... That's why her ears are so long, I am afraid she wont have any black left.  They will definitely be trimmed this friday so we'll see what's left -- a touch for sure but it'll look different. 

I went back to your site and was so tempted by the puppies.  My children are always asking for a sibling for her but I don't think that's in the cards for now.   If you ever need a home for an older cavachon, I might be interested though.  

She is sitting right here at my feet chewing on some toy. A great companion, I can't say enough about how happy we all are with her in our family.

Hope all is well in MN... cold and snowy here too.

Take care,


                                       CAVACHON PUPPY

  I am sorry it has taken me so long to write to you. We are soooo in love with our beautiful puppy and have been since the day he arrived. Able (yes, we kept the name) is a healthy 11 pounds now and is very friendly, gentle, and smart. He makes friends and garners compliments everywhere we go. Thank you for all your help arranging his transportation and working with us to get him here. You were wonderful!  I can't thank you enough! 
Have a great 2010.      Adair

                                     BOXER PUPPY
Hi Keely,
 I hope all is well with you and your family. (Barkers included!)
I have attached a picture of Gunnar which was taken close to his first birthday. He is doing well and is full of energy to play and run. We have spoiled him with toys. We get him a new one about every other week and that becomes his favorite toy. He will usually ignore the rest of them in his "toybox' for a while. He does have a few older favorite toys that he will dig out and bring for you to play with him.
 I believe he is probably full grown bone structure wise and is now working on building his muscular strength. He has gotten much stronger in the last month or so. I'm going to have to make myself a body harness to take him for walks on a leash. Usually he doesn't pull to hard once he has settled into the idea that you are walking but if something gets his attention or he gets an idea he want's to go somewhere else he puts it into low gear and starts pulling like a John Deere tractor. He is a wonderful part of our family and an endless source of laughter due to his wide variety of expressions and behavior.
 Have a great day.
 Bob and Mary Malone


Hi Keely,                                  CAVACHON PUPPY

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how happy I am with  
Phoebe!  She is so much fun and everyone loves her.  She has become  
the neighborhood love!  The neighborhood kids love her and play with  
her every morning.  The bus stop is right outside my house, and when  
we return from our morning walk, the kids are there and she gets so  
excited to see them.  She is growing so fast and getting so big.  Not  
ever having a puppy, I'm shocked at how fast they grow.

Like I said!  I absolutely LOVE her and thank you for bringing her  
into my life! I've never been so happy!

Maureen Hines

                                       CAVACHON PUPPY

Here are the photos of Lilly.  You sent her to me on August 1, 2007.  She is by any standard one of the best examples of the breed.  Since we had her, I've met several other Cavaliers and they were very, very nice but, Lilly is exceptional.  She was easy to train and an absolute delight!  However, there are some identity issues.......first of all, she has trouble accepting the fact that she is small and to add insult to injury, she is in fact a dog (shhhhhhhh!!!!).  I think she considers herself a slightly smaller version of a Golden Retriever.  
Anyway, I wanted you to see her all grown up.  By the way, she has weighed 16 pounds for 2 straight years.  I need to pass on the puppy at this time due to personal obligations.  I will probably be ready perhaps by the next litter.  I will be interested in another female.
Thank you for calling me back and for this wonderful dog that gives so much pleasure to everyone who knows her.  I'll keep in touch.
Gerry Walker

                                       CAVACHON PUPPY

Hi Keely - 

I wanted to write you and let you know that things with Hope ( now Stella ) are going great. She has been incredibly easy thus far and she's so sweet. We get compliments on how cute she is everywhere we go! I wanted to send you a picture of her since you say to keep in touch. This is her on our family's boat - she really enjoys being outdoors :) 

Take care and thanks again! 

Pat and Katie Frankosky 

                                       CAVACHON PUPPY


I thought you would enjoy seeing the most recent picture of our beautiful
puppy!  She has been a wonderful addition to our family and a better
retriever of tennis balls than our yellow lab, quicker too.  She is
brilliant and is such a treat - thank you!


                                       CAVACHON PUPPY

HI, Keely,
Here is our darling Teeko (you called him Opie) at 8 months.  He is smart and friendly and curious and cute, and he loves everyone.  All our neighbors adore him.  We are having such fun.
Thanks for getting him to us.  We gave your name and number to a young couple looking for a Cavachon.
Byron and Rachel Lind

                                      Happy Mothers' Day Keely!

Paislee is now letting us know consistently when to go out.    She rarely barks for anything (which thrills Mike) other than that or when I open the refrig and crack open the jar of natural peanut butter!  She is working on the stay /come command and doing pretty darn good.  Rolling over almost too!  She leads ME to where she pooped last so we can pick it up. Quite the GPS system.  She figured out how to go UP the stairs this weekend, and is pretty proud of herself.  Krista wanted to try puppy play  time at Petco.  Paislee was put in with the little dogs 1 to 10# and she was climbing the walls.   We tried twice, so done.  She has become very mellow all around and had a very submissive reaction to my brother's dog this time.  My brother was impressed with her temperment.  Mike did  a mini puppy trim this weekend, looking good.  She does so well with everything.  Knows in the morning to get in kennel to go to gram and gramps.  All I can say is we are blessed with her presence.  Mother's Day was the best this year with her as an addition.  Of course, as I type she is sleeping at my feet.  Did I say she is a mama's girl? Not looking forward to the spaying overnight thing.  I may need kleenex.  Will be tough for me to leave her. Might be tough on Mike too, he is a different person with Paislee, pretty sweet to watch!

Take care!

                                       CAVACHON PUPPY

Hi Keely!  I was doing a much needed computer file dump earlier today and I ran across all of our old correspondence and wanted to give you an update on our little girl.  She is absolutely wonderful!!!!  I really can’t say much more!  She is perfect and has been the best compliment to our family.  The kids love her and my son continues to say that getting her was the best day of his life!  She is spunky and sassy and that’s what we love most about her!!!!!  She has truly been the easiest dog to have.  I have to chuckle under my breath when I hear other people talk about how difficult their dogs are or the trouble they cause.  I feel so spoiled with Bailey – I wish I could get another just like her!  Maybe one day!!!!  


Hope you are well.  I’ll try to find some updated pictures of her and I’ll send!



                                 FRENCHIE PUPPY   

Hello Keely, Haven't talked since we picked up Stewart, but just wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to pick the best dog in the world!  Stu is the best dog and the best looking dog ever!  Everyone in the world would like to take him home for themselves, we have to fight people off.  He loves to go outside and play and is the envy of our neighborhood!! He has made such an impact on Jenna and myself....he means the world to us, as well as he uncles and aunties around him. He has developed into one of the most well-behaved dogs and is more like family than anything else. Thank you for taking the time and effort to establish such a wonderful addition to the dog world....you have done an amazing job. We would love to have 10 more just like him. Thank you for the wonderful addition to our lives and we will be back in future. 
Michael Garden

                                Cavachon PUPPY   

  Just wanted to thank you again for my little beauty. She has the sweetest disposition. Loves everyone, but most of all children.Have told many people about your beautiful dogs. Am enclosing a photo of her. She is a little over 7lbs.
Deanna Supino

                                 Cavachon  PUPPY   
Hi Keely,
I was on your website looking at your new puppies and they are adorable, Im so tempted! Anyway, here are a few pictures of Charlie our Cavachon we purchased from you three years ago in case people are interested in seeing what your cavachon puppies look like as adults. He's 11 pounds. He's still the greatest dog ever. Thanks for breeding such wonderful family pets.



Wendy Davis

                                 Cavachon  PUPPY   
Best present ever yesterday, Paislee has started to finally go to the door when needs to go out, hoping the trend continues.  OTherwise I will just continue my due diligence in putting her out.  She is loving her booties and runs in our nearby woods, also a good workout for me 3x/day.  Krista came home last nite from college and her and Paislee are best friends.  She chose to sleep with Krista last night vs. us even though she is rarely home. Her latest trick which took no time to learn is playing dead.  It's hilarious!  Great grandma said  she wasn't  lonely for me when I'm was at work (she goes to there place 1x/week).  That's a good sign!  

She was pretty sick this am.  Unfortunately, had eaten Anna's underwear a bit yesterday and waits 24 hrs. to toss it up.  Hasn't figured that one out yet!  We have been lucky no bowel obstruction with all she has ingested over the year.  

She's a blessing!  The Old Navy window display at our mall has a Paislee look a like!  Identical twins for sure!  So cute!  

Mary, Mike, Krista and Anna

Enjoy the holidays with your family and dogs!

                                 Cavachon  PUPPY   
Dear Keely,


Hope this finds you well.  I wanted to send this photo to you awhile back.  This was a picture we took of Lilo and Stitch with our grandson on November 10th (which was their birthdays).  They are the sweetest puppies.  Stitch is laid back and mellow and Lilo is full of energy and always into something.  They love their play dates and are both doing well.  Stitch is much bigger as I’m sure is normal for male dogs.  Lilo is much smaller and petite.  We love them so much.  


Hope your family is doing well.



                                Cavachon PUPPY   


Chloe is one year old today!

We love her so much! She is smart, funny, well behaved and adorable!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Peggy and C.J. Hallinan

                                 Cavachon  PUPPY   
 Hi Keely,

It is Christmas morning and I want to Thank You for Lucy.  She was our early Christmas present this year.
We are all enjoying her and I have learned how much my husband really likes dogs.

Sometimes Lucy does laps around our house around 9 p.m. just like our kids did when they were toddlers. 
It is so funny to watch her need to get rid of some physical energy.  She definitely belongs in our family.

Attached is a recent picture of Lucy with our kids.  I am looking forward to getting Lucy professionally groomed
in a couple of months. Her spots on her back are really cool and look great on her.

Have a nice holiday season!

Lynda Hickey

Hi Keely,
It has been a couple of years since I contacted you about adopting a Boxer puppy.   If you recall we were lucky enough to get Audi (renamed Duke) for my elderly father.   I want you to know Duke is doing very well and my father ADORES him!   He is about 70 pounds now and extremely spoiled just from being so loved.  He has turned out to be a bit of a rock star because we can't take him anywhere that he doesn't draw a crowd.  People tells us over and over again what a beautiful dog he is.  We are a little bias but he is a gorgeous example of his breed. We take the energetic little guy to daycare camp so he is gets the exercise he needs.   There are at least a dozen Boxers that go to this daycare and it is amazing to see so many beautiful Boxers playing and romping around.  I noticed one particular Boxer that had an amazing resemblance to our Duke (this dog is named Duke as well) and started visiting with his owner.  The 2 Dukes really became fast friends and would wait for each other to arrive in the morning before going into the play area.  After conversation we discovered the boys are half-brothers!  Chief is the daddy to both of them. I think it explained their devotion to each other as I do believe they knew before we did.   At camp they refer to the boys as Big Duke (who is about 90 pounds) and our Little Duke.  
My Dad really wanted me to contact you and share this story.  He often says he would like to bring Duke out to see you because he knows you would be so proud of him.   Thanks so much for your love and devotion to this amazing breed of dog. 
Nancy Gunderson

Hi Keely,
   First, let me tell you that Duncan is a very special little puppy and we love him so much.   He is so outgoing, and when we walk him he eagerly runs to anyone to say hello !   I know we're prejudiced, but both my husband and I think that there can't possibly be another puppy anywhere that is as cute as Duncan is!!! 
 And, he is very quick to learn, too.

  Anyway, I want to let you know that the MSN group, CavachonDogs, has a message board called "Breeder Feedback".  I wrote a very nice (and truthful ! ) review of you and Ballyhara.

  Mary Ellen Kavanaugh 

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Cambridge, MN 55008
(612) 306-8732
Hi Keely, 

I should have sent this long ago, but I wanted to tell you how happy I am with my cavachon! He is a joy and has such a great disposition. 

He has been easy to train and I could not be happier with him! Thank you for all you did for me during the selection and even after 

I got him home and had many questions. You went above and beyond my expectations as a breeder.  

You called him Broxton and we renamed him Sailor. The first pic is when we brought him home, 2nd with his buddy Seager and 

the 3rd what he looks like now at 7 months.  

My kids adore him and our cat is slowly warming up to him, but still giving him heck when she feels like it! 

Take care and thanks again! 

Tami Pehrson