Hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Just wanted to give you a update on Dolly! We changed her name to Halle! We attached a picture of us with her! She had her first haircut last week! Andy and I love her so much! We are having a wonderful time with her!
Thanks again-
Donna, Andy, Halle:)

This is Bandit.  He is a tri-colored sable.  His coloring is very symetrical on his face.  We of course think he is adorable.  The end of June I had him groomed and the lady actually shaved him down to nothing.  So his coat is a little shorter than what he was earlier this Spring but we kind of like his current look.  I do attempt to keep his eye area trimmed but that is the only clipping I try on my own.  Keely was very helpful in showing me how to trim that area when we picked him up.  I also wanted to let you know that we have 2 cats and 4 kids and Bandit gets along with everyone.  His favorite is mom and he loves to sleep by me.  The boys(our kids) are so impressed with how fast he runs that they want to train him in agility so we may start those classes this Fall.  Good luck finding the right member!  I honestly think you would be very happy with a Cavachon.  On by the way, big bonus....Bandit does NOT shed, not even a little bit!
As before if you have further questions, let me know.  If you choose a Cavachon please forward a picture.
Pamela Burchill
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Subject: RE: Cavachon references needed

Thank you so much for replying!  We really appreciate it!  do you have a photo of Bandit that you would be willing to share with us?  We are always looking to find older photos of the cavachons since they change so much from those cute puppy faces!  We REALLY LOVE the sable mix and that is what we are hoping to find!

Thanks again! Brenda  

Subject: Re: Cavachon references needed> From:  Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 14:55:19 +0000> > Brenda, > We had an awesome experience! We live in Minneapolis area and Keely was very open in letting us come to visit once a week to bond and watch him grow. Bandit is now 11 months old and we have had NO problems at all. He is very affectionate and loves to go with the family everywhere. My brother in law is a vet and has examined him and found him to be extremely healthy. He said personally it is a good combination of dogs. I have had other breeds but will in the future only have a Cavachon! Bandit trained very easy and the only accidents he has had are our fault for not noticing him pacing by the door. If you have any further or specific questions please contact me. > Thanks,> Pamela> ------Original Message------> From: Brenda Hennen> Subject: Cavachon references needed> Sent: Aug 30, 2008 11:46 PM> > Good Evening,>  > My name is Brenda.  My husband Thom and I met Keely Wilkins today to look at her Cavachon pups (which are adorable!).  We would really appreciate any feedback regarding the pup you purchased and your experience with your purchase.  Could you include how old your Cavachon currently is and if you have had any medical, behavioral, or any other issues that may be helpful for us in making our decision.  Positive feedback would be great as well.  We would be so grateful!> >  >  Thank You!>  
Keely, I cannot possibly tell you how much I love this sweet little Brody of ours.  I am not at all a dog lover. For my whole life we've had labs that lived outside because I am allergic to animals.  I was skeptical about getting any kind of dog, but our vet told us about cavachons and my husband and two daughters begged and begged.  Six months later I am just loving having this little puppy! I never in my life thought I could love a dog, but I do!!
Kathy Rogers

Just a quick update about our puppy.

First picture is gizmo and has been renamed Tucker

He turned two years old in December

The last two pictures of him I just took.

He's up to 25lbs but the vet says he is in wonderful shape.

He still lays with his back legs spread out.

Tucker has been a wonderful addition to our family
All five of our grandkids love him.

He's temperament is wonderful, he plays with all the neighbors dogs

The biggest thing I'm surprised about he loves going out into the snow, he spent almost the whole day playing in the snow

Cliff & Diane Whitson
Keely Sorry I meant to email you sooner than this, the puppies are wonderful.  we kept their names Lloyd and Rhet.  they are amazing and the absolute best addition to our house.  they are so loving and warm and cuddly, however you breed them, you do a wonderful job!!!! thank you for completing my animal family . Dina

Dina S. Kaplan ESQ
Attorney At Law

Hi Keely – I was cleaning up old emails and saw yours, and wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know how much we love Percy.  He is a great dog and the kids and I just love our time with him!!!!  I don’t have any pictures handy, but he is quite handsome too!!  Still mostly white – with just a couple patches of light brown; and about 18 pounds. 

 Anyway, I hope you are well!!  And that you have had other cute dogs find great homes!


 Heidi M. Silton | Attorney
Hi, Keely-
We adopted Gracie from you one year ago today. Just for fun I thought you might 
like to see how she looks. We love her & enjoy her so much-she is such a good 
girl! Everybody that she meets loves her too. 

Merry Christmas!

Jodie McGibbon

Hi Keely,
Just wanted to say hi and let you know how the boys are doing.   
Guiness AKA Bowie is the easiest going dog ever.  He is so sweet and  
lovey.  Thanks for recommending him, we couldn't be happier.  Rudy is  
doing well and not marking in house anymore.   He is so independent.   
Doesn't  want to be bothered with us humans very often.  He's fine  
with a short greeting then he is off doing his own thing.  Totally  
opposite personalities, just like kids!  They are great buddies.  They  
are wonderful dogs and we love them so much.  So thanks again.  Hope  
all is well with you guys.  We will keep in touch.

I'll send some pics soon via phone.

Take care,


Hi Keely,
Just wanted to send an update on my beautiful 5 month old cavashon I got from you, to me, it doesn't get any better than this, I love him to pieces and it looks like he's going to max out around 10 lbs and have that shorter thinner silky coat, would love another one just like him in a solid sable, any chances of that? Thanks! Cheryl 

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Hi Keely!

Update for you on Riley. He is doing wonderfully. LOVE him to pieces. Easy going, pleasant disposition, and completely fabulous. I wanted to know if we could get a picture of his Father? I have been curious. His name is Green Valley Jack TR27368901.
<Riley with ball.aspx.jpg>
Hallie Warren
Hi keely, 
I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of beti ( we renamed her chesca). We 
got her from you in march 2011 and we have completely fallen in love with her! 
She was a perfect puppy from the moment we got her. Feel free to include on your 
testimonials page. 
The Schulman family

Keely -
I hope you are doing well! Sorry it has taken me so long long to email you - but I wanted to let you know that Kensington (we call her Kensie!) is doing fabulous!! We absolutely adore her!! She is so cute and sweet and spunky - we love her so much! She adjusted so well - she cried for 20-30 minutes the first two nights and that was about it! She's doing great with her puppy training and other training and her first vet visit went fantastic as well! She loves EVERYONE - people in the elevator, people on the street, all of our family and friends, other dogs, etc. She's adjusted really well to the city as well and all of the people, traffic, noises, going to the bathroom on a tiny patch of grass does not bother her.
We love her so much and can't thank you enough for breeding such wonderful dogs!! I'll send pictures soon!
Hope all is well - I'll be in touch soon!


Greetings Keely!
Here are some pictures of Isabella just 2 days after she turned 6 months! She is such a happy - but VERY independent - little girl. There is not a puppy or person she doesn’t turn on the charm toward and generally gets petted or someone to play with! Her BFF is Gracie, a 75+ pound yellow lab, who just turned one.

We have started obedience school and are doing it at Now Boarding run by the Humane Society! She is VERY social and will do anything asked of her when she feels like it! We sit with both voice and hand command, walk with a loose leash, sit for stranger greeting, take treats with only lips, look me in the eye for 5 seconds, and let her ears and feet be examined.

The ladies at Curves love her and each and everyone of the early morning group come in and ask for her before anything else. She plays fetch every morning and loves to walk to look for “treasures” in the parking lot. She loves and is loved by the triplets - a good size match! And she’s just about ready to have her first real haircut. One of the Curves ladies asked if I had bleached her eyebrows. I said that I did dress her up sometimes but bleaching her eyebrows was a no-no, she was just naturally that beautiful.

There are two other Cavachons close to us - not as precious as Isabella - but a pup about her age named Izzy and its big sister named Bella! I’ll try to be better about keeping you up to date with her! And I’ll work at getting more and better pictures. Just know she brings GREAT joy into my life and the lives of everyone who has met her!

Thanks to YOU for everything!

Jane and Isabella  
Hello and Happy New Year!
Hard to believe that it has been a year and half since I brought Lucca home with me from MN!
She is so small in this photo. I remember she was only 2 pounds when I brought her home. She is 10-11 pounds full grown, and has kept her apricot color, although a little lighter than when she was as a puppy. I will send you a photo of her from my iPhone later today.
Lucca definitely has a will of her own, but she is kind & loving & very affectionate. My youngest nephew claims she is the cutest dog east of the Mississippi (he has not yet been west of Mississippi, so he can't comment on that area). I am really glad to have her as she has captured my heart.
When I need to travel a friend of mine, Claire Thompson, stays at my home and takes care of Lucca. Claire has really grown to love Lucca and would like to get a puppy of her own.
I have recommend you as the preferred Cavachon breeder.
I am copying Claire on this email so that the two of you can communicate moving forward.
I am also considering a second Cavachon, but it would not be until the end of this early or early 2014. So, I will let you know as the time to gets closer to see if you have any puppies coming soon.
Thank you again for Lucca - she is such a joy in my life!
Mary Kay Williams
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Hi Keely,

Just thought I'd give you an update on Sylvie and let you know she's doing great. She and my Boston, Bogie, have become best buds and play and race and wrestle and have the best time. She was 90% potty trained at 3 months and 100% at 4 months. All my friends and family were stunned by that. She's a smart little girl and I've started getting her ready for therapy work. She's great on a leash and loves, loves, loves people and other dogs. I couldn't be happier. She's as sweet and as cute as they come.

Question: There's new research that is proclaiming the benefits of waiting to spay a female or neuter a male until they're almost a year old, allowing their hormones to help develop their joints and bone growth. I know you had said to wait until she's at least 8 months but I'm wondering if you have an opinion on waiting longer. I get frustrated with vets who all want her spayed at 6 months which I'm not planning.

Hope all is well in your world and with all your fur kids.

Karen Johnston

> Keely,
> I am always trying to remind myself to drop you a note. You did a wonderful job socializing and handling our puppy (Louis). He is so well adjusted. I never get a rise from him when we brush his teeth, clip his nails, wipe his “tears”, or clean his ears. He loves other dogs. He absolutely loves meeting new people, and my wife is thrilled that he has recently become quite the walker! I don’t have any pictures now, but he is beautiful. The envy of my entire extended family.
> All is well and we feel lucky to have him.
> Thanks so much,
> Steve
Hi Keely,

Hope you are doing well!! Fletcher turned 6 months old this weekend and I thought that would be a good time to send an update!

We love Fletcher so much and he is growing up to be such a fabulous dog!! Other people are always impressed with how easy going and well behaved he is (although he shows us his mischievous side at home :) ) He is definitely a funny mix of big shot at home and slightly nervous in the real world. He is always making us laugh, loves being held, and is very very smart! In puppy school his teacher was very impressed at how quickly he was able to learn verbal commands. He loves to go for long walks and play with us, but is also content to just keep us company in the living room while playing independently (although, if he had his choice we would always be giving him attention).  

We were very impressed that Fletcher came home sleeping through the night in his crate, from the very first night we had him!! He had clearly had a good start and was relatively easy to potty train. Also he is so handsome, we seriously get stopped all the time by strangers who tell us how cute and/or beautiful he is. 

I have attached 3 pictures. One is from last week when he really needed a haircut and the other two are post haircut.

Just a note to update you on our Molly. Now 10 months old, she is such an 
energetic joy! We have fenced in a little shaded area for her at our cottage on 
the lake so she can go outside and explore at will. She does eat everything 
though, so we don't let her be outside even there alone. She loves being 
outdoors and we go for many walks too.

She will be having her spaying surgery on June 4th. Then I plan on working with 
an obedience trainer to teach her a few needed manners.

I enjoy seeing all your new puppy pics an am tempted to get Molly a playmate, 
but may wait till she is a little older.

Jody Harkins
Hi Keely,

I just wanted to let you know this little guy, Teddy, is probably the sweetest guy I have ever met. I adore him

He is potty trained, and when walking sits at each intersection and waits for me to instruct him that it is okay to cross the street. He has such a sweet temperment he has won the hearts of everyone who meets him. My grandchildre from 18 to 2 all adore him, and him them.

You have a great breed of dogs, and I am thankful for him an for finding you.

Take care.


Shirley L. Kinzer, Managing Broker 

Hello -

We bought a Frenchy puppy from you in December and we are absolutely in LOVE 
with this little girl. I will attach a picture of "Grace Mildred Bigglesworth 

I see you are expecting puppies this month. Are they here? Are any available?  
We are thinking Gracie might love a "sibling". She loves other dogs so much!  

Also wondering about the cute little dog, Milo, at your website. Do you know 
the story on this little guy?  

Thanks Keely! Our lives have changed so much with our little Frenchy around and 
she truly is such a wonderful blessing. You breed amazing pups! She is SO 
SMART, loving, playful, protective - just a gift to us all.


Sent from my iPad

Hi Keely,

Shirley L. Kinzer, Managing Broker 
Hi Keely....I haven't updated you in a whileso I thought I'd send the attached 
cute pic of Oscar. He's doing very well and we think he's fabulous.

I hope things are going well for you!

Just thought I'd drop a note...

We added cavachon Liesel/Paislee to our family...she is the love of our life! 

She is doing well, we still walk 2-3x a day and she is so smart...!!! But she does have us wrapped around her finger...lol...every once in a while she jumps up on our tile coffee table and looks at the empty water glass left there from our daughter and lets us know she prefers to drink water on the coffee table from a glass! I know we shouldn't, but we do...

She is very attached to each one of us and separation anxiety is her one and only issue! The other night Paislee and I left from visiting our oldest daughter, Paislee cried hard the whole way home in the car...got home and cried at the door and then ran back to the car and sat on the front seat so maybe I would bring her back to see Krista...she is something else:):)

Just wanted to give you a little update...


The Benko family


Hello Keely!

As you know, there are 4 of your cavachons in our neighborhood in Inver Grove Heights. We thought it would be fun to get them together for a photo shoot and send you some pictures. It was difficult to get them to sit still as they all wanted to play with each other. In spite of that, we did get some cute ones to share with you.

On behalf of myself (Louie and Eddie),  Tangen (Oliver) and  Biebel (Lambeau) we all thank you for our puppies! They bring so much joy to our lives. It's no surprise that people constantly ask "What kind of dogs are those and where did you get them?"

Enjoy the photos!  Trowbridge

Hi Keely,

It's been a while since I have written and Molly (aka Trinket) has celebrated her first birthday (July 19th), has graduated from her first training session and just now graduated from "Puppy Star" class. We just adore Molly and her great personality. She is also so smart and has constantly been a surprise to our trainer. 

We enjoy checking out your site and seeing all the new puppies. They all look so sweet.

Merry Christmas and thank you again for our Molly.

Cambridge, MN 55008
(612) 306-8732
I have only had my dog for five days, but in these five days he has grown on us so much and we couldn't be happier with him. After having a very bad experience and almost buying from a puppy mill with sickly dogs we were hesitant on buying online until we came across your website. Your website is very professional and appealing, then when I talked to you I knew right away I was buying from you Keely. I like how you post the puppies parents and tons of infomation on your website and when I received little Cracker (now named Enzo!) I really appreciated the the personalized folder with all his papers and AKC information. I also appreciate that you have someone fly down with the puppies so they are safe and not alone. When I got Enzo he was so healthy and happy and a perfect example of a quality AKC frenchie. He was so comfortable his first night home and acted like he was here for a while! He came very well socialized and was a happy and healthy pup to begin with. I am very pleased to have done business with you and I will 100% recommend you to any potential frenchie owners if you need any references. Thanks again Keely!

I purchased my French Bulldog puppy from you in 2011. Her birth date was March 
19, 2011. Attached is her photo, her name is Isabelle and she is a wonderful 
dog although very much bullish around other dogs despite training. Love her 
dearly and thank you for the careful breeding that made her possible.

We just celebrated our one year anniversary with Maggie (born on Nov 6, 2013 as Honor) and I thought I would send you an updated picture. She is healthy, spunky and wonderful. She has been such a great addition to our family. Thanks again and if you ever need a reference, let us know!

Eileen Dauer
Baxter is doing great, he picked up on the house training very fast and no accidents in a very long time.
We did puppy 1&2, and are now doing basic obedience. He's doing do at this as long as the treat bag is full!
His coat gets lighter with each trim, it's fun watching his coat change. He's a handsome boy.
He and Bentley play well together, Bent's the alpha and Bax concedes nicely. They have bonded better than I could have imagine.
Thanks for the wonderful pup.

Stephanie Snow​