I do also encourage and promote Raw feeding.                                                  

This puppy food it can be found at many local pet stores or by going to their web sight and looking up distributors near you. It can also be purchased through Chewy and Amazon. 

A Holistic Vet for the Best health and care of your pet    
use this sight to find one near you    www.theavh.org

Pet insurance Trupanion Pet Insurance
All Puppies Come with 30 Days Free Pet Insurance 

Espana Silk Grooming Products the best stuff EVER!! they also have a all natural flee and tick repellant and all natural bug spray ~ 866-510-7455

~All Puppies come Microchipped ~

You will also need NUVET Please be sure to order this before your pup comes home                                                              Order the POWDER!!!!                                                          DONT FORGET YOUR NUVET!!!!

NuVet Plus heals and protects against the ravages of 
free radicals that attack your pet throughout its life
helps prolong the life of your pet and eliminates most ailments.
1-800-474-7044  Order Code is 84337

I Local in home training 
Christi Kelleher 612-710-5029   www.care4pawsdogtraining.com

Two Books 
Puppies For Dummies
Potty Training is Possible (from Pet's Mart and amazon)

A wire or plastic crate sized for your puppy.
Check Out www.Chewy.com or download the app 
for all you pet need including the puppy food 

​crate-double-door-24-x-18-x-19 grow with me with removable divider

Please do NOT leave a collar on your puppy in the crate!!

        Potty park potty grass and a baby gate if you expect to 
          confine your puppy in a small area with the 
          crate door open when you can't be at home 
          to take him out.
A puppy play pen works great also!

Non-tippable stainless steel bowls for food
         and water.

Be cautious of painted ceramic bowls they may contain LEAD

         Nutri-cal gel dietary supplement very important for small puppies that are flying!!!!!
 (available in a tube) 

         A  comb
fine/ coarse-greyhound-style

 a pair of blunt 
         scissors for trimming the face, 
         cotton swabs for cleaning ears, 
         gentle puppy shampoo

         A small, adjustable collar 6-8"
           with ID tag, 
         a leash

         A travel bottle for water for puppy with a 
         pop-up nozzle

Roasted Turkey or roasted chicken from the deli one inch to half inch slab and cut into tiny bits.
Freeze Dried Raw is also a fab treat
Boiled beef liver ~ Freeze unused portion

         Chew toys~ A Natural Chew that puppies love is a Bully stick also called a swizzle stick , Available at all pet stores 
Nyla Bones and puppy Kong's are Great!!!!! etc.

NO RAWHIDE PLEASE Puppies Choke on it!!

USE ADAPTIL SPRAY ON SNUGGLE PUPPY, CRATE BLANKETS AND YOUR CLOTHES when you pick up .    www.adaptil.com  You can also order from Amazon 

A Snuggle Puppy What is a Snuggle Pet?

SnugglePuppies. A stuffed animal with a heartbeat and heater. 2. An item to cuddle, curl up or sleep on for comfort. 3. A snug, cozy friend for animals that eases crying, loneliness and separation anxiety. 4. An award-winning virtual mom. 

Fun web sight lots of cool things for you and your new puppy , In the company of dogs!  

Yuppy Puppy Boutique Supper fun doggie stuff !!!


As the Breeder I reserve the right of the first pick of any litter. Then the 1St on the waiting list will be next.
  No Puppy will be handled by outsiders until they are 4 weeks of age.
You are welcome to come and view them. 
Puppies can be picked up usually between 7-8 weeks. Each one is different and will not leave until I FEEL they are ready.
 If shipped is 8-9  weeks 

Puppy and Dog General Information,You can never read to much before making the decision of a new puppy 

Deposit is $300.00- $500.00 of the puppy price.
Please do not ask for me to go down on price. 
I have worked very hard to get the awesome bloodlines I have which will produce healthy puppies for you and your family. You pay for quality and that I do have.
Pedigrees are available upon request.

Make sure you can accept the 
responsibility of a puppy as 
Deposits are non-refundable!
Monies of any kind will not be refunded because you are not ready for a puppy. I will take the puppy back and find a home that is ready.  
If you have sent a deposit on a puppy and for some reason before delivery of that puppy you can not get the puppy the deposit can carry over to another litter ONE TIME ONLY. The 2ND time if you change your mind your deposit is null and void meaning NO REFUND NOR WILL IT CARRY OVER TO ANOTHER LITTER!  NO EXCEPTIONS!
Puppies are like babies require alot of attention and training they do not come into this world knowing how to be a grownup. So before deciding you want a puppy read all you can about what it involves.
Remember this puppy is use to having its siblings around so may cry for a few days but loving him and giving him the attention of security is all he needs and as babies does not happen over night
Potty training is the same you have to teach him where he or she is to go as you would a child. 
There is alot of information available on the Internet to help you make this lifetime decision so please read and read some more. These babies do not deserve any less than the best and a new owner that knows how to raise a puppy and wiling to accept the responsibility.
Like newborns babies allot more to them than a cute little face. 

COLOR is a Surprise

 Color ~ I know we all have a preference
but do not let that be all that makes you decide on a puppy. 
HEALTH and TEMPERMENTS so much more important!

Balance and shipping is due also by postal money order, Bank check or Pay Pal, by the time they are 7 weeks old. 
  All babies are placed with Limited Registration unless previously discussed and approved. I am very picky when it comes to giving Full Registration and it will cost you!
My babies are like my children and I expect the new owners to treat them in this same manner. If you are a breeder and wanting to adopt one of my babies for breeding just be honest. 
  Honesty is all I ask and then I will make the choice if I feel a place I want my baby to go. Just because one is a breeder doesn't make it a good home.  This is also  a message to non breeders too ,be sure to do all you can to make sure the breeder you buy from is what you  want in a breeder. I know I have my quirks about a good breeder and COMMUNICATION being the main one! Some will take your money you get your puppy and that is the last you will hear from them. 
 I try my best to answer every email with in 12-24 hours and any questions you have years to come will also be handled this way. 

Why Are Your Prices So High?

This is a question I have been asked many times. And the answer is:

I have searched long and hard for my moms and dads and have spent allot of money and time in researching for the dogs and breeders I have in my breeding program.  Great temperaments and quality. 

 Do your research before you ever question ones prices. because to a breeder you can’t put a price tag on their puppies. If you could set that price as to what they are worth to them NO one could afford one.

there is a price for quality! 

 Purebred dogs are a bit high these days but there is alot more to this than a cute little face which is the results of a breeders hard work.  for the reputable breeders who care about the breed they are breeding and are working hard to provide quality dogs, both physically and mentally, many long hours watching to be sure all babies are well and moms are all okay and assist them in anyway I can. and sometimes means bottle feeding these baby every 4 hours and very little sleep for weeks.

But I Only Want Pet Quality

 Pet quality puppies from quality parents are usually a better cut above ones who aren't. Simply because they are bred with the goal in mind of creating the highest quality possible.  breeders who only breed "for pets" have their goals set way to low. It takes the same amount of time and love to breed for show quality pets as is would for JUST A PET! 

So when you start looking around and compare prices of a reputable breeder to the flea markets and newspaper prices which, I can promise you it is not only a difference in price but also the quality of dog you are getting.  And if you are looking for a lifetime companion you should get the best.  So stop and think before you ask that breeder to go down on the price or why is your price higher than others this is an insult to them and the hard work and love they put into having these great puppies.

 Many breeders are willing to work with you in some circumstances but never insult them with your prices are too high that you see them all over for less. If this is how you feel you should just go directly to the person or place you saw this price. 


I take very good care of my babies as I do my Adults. And have picked my mom and dads from some of the best breeders around. They have excellent bloodlines and temperaments and my goal is to protect these lines for them as for myself.

Owners should know that the Limited Registration status has no bearing on a dog's potential to be an excellent representative of its breed, a wonderful pet, and a standout participant in most AKC events. In fact, having a "Limited" dog can be very liberating, as owners don't have to wrestle with the question "to breed or not to breed"-that decision is made by the breeder when the Limited option is indicated on the registration application. 

When it comes to being a great competitor or just a lifelong friend, a dog with Limited Registration has no limits at all.

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